Soil Tools

Soil Tools

Mobile Home Soil Testing Tools

The land where you place your mobile home is just as important as the foundation you build on it. With mobile home soil testing tools like a pocket penetrometer and soil test probe kit, you can learn more about the land you're building on to ensure it is the right place for your mobile home. 

Weather patterns keep changing, and storms seem to be getting more severe. Even earthquakes are turning up in unexpected locations. It’s more important than ever to understand the composition and compaction properties of your mobile home site to ensure you can create a firm foundation that won’t shift, erode, or sink. 

Mobile home soil testing tools from Mobile Home Outfitters can help. Use a pocket penetrometer to measure the compressive strength of soils or a soil test probe kit to determine the right type of anchor model for your soil conditions. Always remember to consult your local utilities to mark underground pipes and cables before using a test probe! Choose your mobile home soil testing tools today.  

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