Lyons Industries

Lyons Industries

At Mobile Home Outfitters, we are incredibly proud to partner with Lyons Industries to offer the highest quality mobile home bathtubs, showers and wall surrounds on the market today.


Lyons is a family-owned, Michigan-based manufacturer of acrylic coated fiberglass bathtub and shower products who sets the standard in quality and innovation for the manufactured housing industry. Their tubs and showers are guaranteed not to crack, chip or fade and they are consistently developing new products for mobile home owners nationwide.

Committed to Excellence

Lyons is well-known for investing in their employees, their community, and their customers and they have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to innovation that aligns with our mission here at Mobile Home Outfitters.

If you are looking for a way to refresh and add value to your mobile home bathroom, for our money, there is no better way than with a fiberglass bathtub or shower from Lyons.