Pipe Heat Cables

Pipe Heat Cables

Mobile Home Pipe Insulation

We've carefully selected a variety of mobile home pipe insulation and cables, designed for use with your mobile home. These products are especially intended for use in parts of the country where sub-freezing temperatures threaten unprotected water pipes, risking bursts, and flooding. Mobile home pipe heat cables are simply flexible wires that use electricity to produce heat. When applied to your metal or plastic under-home plumbing, they will prevent your water lines from freezing and cracking. 

With weather that seems to be getting more unusual and unpredictable, bringing icy temperatures to areas not previously accustomed to them, mobile home pipe insulation is starting to make sense in broader swaths of the country. Don’t be caught unprepared when freezing temperatures come to your neck of the woods. Shop pipe heat cables and plumbing insulation from Mobile Home Outfitters today.  

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