Mobile Home Furnaces

The furnace is a part of your home that tends to be out of sight and out of mind—until it malfunctions or quits altogether. In that unfortunate instance, Mobile Home Outfitters is your source for new mobile home furnaces that fit in compact spaces.

We offer furnaces powered by electricity or natural gas as well as those that convert to using propane. Increase the comfort in your home with a new, efficient furnace specifically designed to heat mobile homes. With easy installation or conversion, these mobile home furnaces have the power to heat your entire home—coupled with the efficiency to save on energy costs.  

Mobile Home Outfitters is a supplier of mobile home doors, windows, and heating systems as well as skirting, plumbing, and wiring supplies expressly made for mobile home applications. Browse our site for all your mobile home systems and fixtures. We’re sure you’ll find the parts and supplies you need to make your mobile home cozy and comfortable.  

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