De-Icing Cables

De-Icing Cables

Mobile Home De-Icing Cables

Most mobile homes have flat roofs where snow and ice can accumulate in the winter months. This can lead to roof damage and leaks. Avoid these hazards with de-icing cables from Mobile Home Outfitters. We’ve got mobile home roof and gutter de-icer cables for your roof and rain gutters. With these handy devices, snow and ice melt easily and go right down the gutter to minimize damage to your roof. 

Dealing with roof leaks and frozen gutters that cause water to come through the ceiling and run down the walls of your mobile home in the dead of winter is a miserable experience. Clearing snow and ice yourself is dangerous, and hiring someone else to do it can be expensive. Why not avoid the problem altogether with mobile home de-icing cables from Mobile Home Outfitters? 

These cables are easy to install before the weather turns wintry. We’ve got a kit that has everything you need, as well as an automatic controller that turns your de-icing system on and off as needed in response to temperature and moisture changes. Sleep well next winter with mobile home de-icing cables from Mobile Home Outfitters. 

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