Fire Safety

Fire Safety

Mobile Home Fire Safety

Alert yourself and your loved ones of danger from fire or deadly odorless carbon monoxide fumes with mobile home fire safety products from Mobile Home Outfitters. In the event of an in-home emergency, these safety measures provide confidence that you'll be alerted in time to get out of the home and call for emergency help.

At Mobile Home Outfitters, we take mobile home fire safety very seriously. That’s why we offer a selection of plug-in and battery-operated mobile home smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to use in your mobile home. Mobile home smoke detectors emit a loud warning when smoke is present in your mobile home.  

If you choose battery-powered mobile home smoke alarms, pick a memorable day to replace the batteries annually, like New Year’s Day, your birthday, or the day you “spring ahead” into daylight-saving time and set your clocks ahead an hour.  

Mobile home fire safety products from Mobile Home Outfitters should be at the top of your list of supplies and fixtures for your manufactured home. Make sure you have a smoke and carbon monoxide detector in each bedroom and in the main living areas, and carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions on proper placement to ensure your safety should an emergency arise. 

Find your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms at Mobile Home Outfitter today.

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