Patch Tape

Patch Tape

Mobile Home Patch Tape

The underbelly of your mobile home is vulnerable to moisture, temperature, and even the occasional critter. Mobile Home Outfitters supplies mobile home patch tape that is impervious to water and rated to repair the vapor barrier of your home. This material, a combination of high-density polyethylene with an extruded coating of low-density polyethylene, is five times more puncture-resistant than HUD requires.  

In the unlikely event that your home’s underbelly material does suffer a cut or puncture, we carry mobile home underbelly repair tape that you can use regardless of the temperature outside. Once applied, this remarkable material is nearly impossible to remove, so you can be confident it creates a secure seal over any rips or tears.  

Make sure you protect your home’s underside with mobile home patch tape from Mobile Home Outfitters. Shop for yours today. 

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