EasyHeat Freeze Free Pipe Heat Cable

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Product Overview

Stop pipe freeze-ups this winter! This pipe heating cable helps keep water supply pipes from freezing all the way down to -60°F/-51°C. The self-regulating effect of the cable saves you money by reducing power consumption when the pipe does not require freeze protection. Freeze Free cable is also available on reels of 300' (2302) and 500' (2502) and can be cut to desired lengths per application. You'll also need HCA application tape, or a high-quality electrician's tape, and 1/2" thick non-flammable insulation to complete the installation (sold separately).

Key Features

  • For use on residential plastic and metal water supply pipes
  • The Freeze Free system is ideal for preventing water supply freeze-ups in cottages, barns and outbuildings; and under mobile and manufactured homes
  • Requires a 10802 Freeze Free fused plug and End Seals connection kit one (1) fused plug body with a built-in non-replaceable fuse, one (1) push-on End Seals, "caution" labels, two (2) cable ties) to connect the cable to the electrical source
  • You'll need a roll of HCA application tape or a high-quality electrician's tape to secure the cable to the pipe (sold separately)
  • After the cable is applied, pipe must be wrapped with 1/2" thick non-flammable insulation (sold separately)

Warranty Information

One-Year Limited Warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review