Premium Plus Vinyl Skirting - Center Vent Panel

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Product Overview

Style Crest Premium Plus Vinyl Skirting is the premium vinyl skirting solution for the manufactured homes. It's high-performance, extra thick vinyl construction offers outstanding protection and durability for your home.

Key Features:

  • Exclusive Plyvex polymer withstands weathering, temperature extremes and fading
  • Allows for easy under-the-home access without special access doors
  • Multiple color options and unique embossing that looks like freshly painted wood
  • Center vent panels offer 8.4 square inches/foot of ventilation providing superior airflow
  • Solid and vented panels excel in heavy frost or high wind areas
  • Each panel is 16" wide by 140" long

Warranty Information

Limited Lifetime Warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review