Mobile Home Electrical Parts, Accessories & Fire Safety 

Your mobile home may be beautiful and well-built — but it should also be equipped with top safety features. Mobile Home Outfitters offers multiple electrical options for the safety of your home and family, including smoke detectors, thermostat wire, carbon monoxide detectors, and alarms that combine both features. You’ll also find safety alarms that feature digital displays so you can easily monitor your home’s safety status.

In-Home Safety Alarms

Keep peace of mind that you and your loved ones will be alerted in the event of any in-home emergency. Mobile Home Outfitters carries high-quality safety alarms, including:

Smoke alarms

Carbon monoxide alarms

Combination smoke/carbon monoxide alarms

Our combination alarm also includes a voice warning system to aid in alerting your family of danger. We also have battery-powered alarm options as well as plugged-in versions with battery backups.

Thermostat Wiring 

This wiring is perfect for all your indoor wiring needs. The thermostat copper wire is 250ft long and comes wound on an aluminum spool. Some key features include: 

Soft-drawn bare copper wire

Semi-rigid PVC insulation

18 AWG

Meets Subject 13 per Article 725

U.L. Listed

Make Home Safety a Priority

With these safety measures in your home, you can be fully confident that you’ll be alerted in the event of any emergency. Find your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms at Mobile Home Outfitters.


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