4 Major Mobile Home Repairs You Can Do Yourself

14th Sep 2022

4 Major Mobile Home Repairs You Can Do Yourself

4 Major Mobile Home Repairs You Can Do Yourself

Some jobs may seem too big for you to manage when looking at repairs, renovations, or remodels for your mobile home. While there are some tasks where it’s a good idea to call in a contractor, here are four major mobile home repairs you can do yourself.

Replacing Your Mobile Home Skirting

Skirting is one of the most valuable parts of your mobile home. It protects the pipes and underside of your home from damage caused by bad weather or intrusive animals. Of course, wear and tear over time means you may occasionally need to replace the skirting.

The first step is to measure your home and determine your needed materials. Mobile Home Outfitters makes this step very easy with our Mobile Home Skirting Calculator. Input the length and width of your home, height measurements, and specified points around the perimeter. Our calculator will determine the materials you need for your job and allow you to select from various styles and color options.

The installation itself is easy, and the only power tools required are a power drill and access to a circular saw. Even for the inexperienced mobile homeowner, installing new skirting should take no more than a day or two to complete, and the value added to your manufactured home will be immediately apparent.

New Bathroom and Kitchen Faucets

Getting new faucets installed in your bathroom or kitchen is a simple task. After turning off the water supply, have a bucket on hand to drain the water from the lines. Before installing your new faucet, remove any residual caulking or material buildup around the base of the faucet where it meets the sink. Once you have a clean surface to work with, you can mount and install the new faucet and connect it to your water lines. Before tackling this project, we recommend ensuring that the replacement faucet is the exact dimensions of your old faucet (measure the width between the handles/knobs to double-check).

Replacing a Door

Door replacement is a major mobile home repair, but one that you can do yourself with only a couple of tools. Like skirting, getting the correct measurements is one of the most crucial steps. At Mobile Home Outfitters, we size all our mobile home doors (as well as windows) by their “rough opening.” This is the measurement of the door frame itself, the width between the studs on each side, and the height between the sill (at the floor) and the header (at the top). Another thing to check for is the handing of the door. Facing the door from the outside of your home, determine which side the hinges are on. You’ll need a “right-hand” door if they are on the right. If on the left, you’ll need a “left-hand” door.

Once you have the appropriately sized door, you can remove the old door, prepare the framing to accept the new door, and complete the installation by squaring the door in place (with shims) and attaching it to the framing of the rough opening with nails or screws (preferable). Finally, ensure your door is weather sealed against the elements with putty tape or another sealant product.

Installing New Steps

Installing a new set of steps can seem daunting, but it’s not that hard to do. First, make sure you have purchased steps that are the appropriate height. Second, prepare the surface below your entry door. This is easy if your steps are being installed onto a concrete slab and all you may need to do is slightly shim the steps so that they sit level. If your home is on a dirt surface, you’ll want to prepare the area where you’ll install the steps by leveling the surface and compacting a few inches of gravel or similar material to allow for water drainage. Once complete, the only thing left is to set the steps in the appropriate configuration (direct approach or side approach) and attach the railings with lag bolts (included when you purchase a set of steps and rails from Mobile Home outfitters).

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