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Premium Plus Vinyl Skirting - Bottom Channel

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Product Overview

Style Crest Trim Components provide clean appearance, easy installation and reliable performance while hiding fasteners. The two piece top trim construction is designed with a spring lock to quickly accept and securely hold Premium Plus or Eagle Skirting panels. The ground channel features two rows of perforations for ground spike placement options. Style Crest offers wind stay rods in 12" and 24" lengths. An optional V-Guard Protector is available.

Key Features:

  • Premium Plus Vinyl Skirting Trim comes in a thicker gauge and offers ultra-durable performance with superior weather resistance
  • Each piece is 11' 1" Long
  • Except when purchased as part of a whole-home skirting package, all skirting trim pieces are cut in half for shipping purposes (instead of receiving a single 132" piece, you will receive two 66" pieces)

Warranty Information

25-Year Limited Warranty