Mobile Home Kitchen Faucets, Sinks & Accessories 

Your mobile home kitchen is a gathering place for the entire family, so it’s a pleasure to have it outfitted with the best materials on the market! With our kitchen accessories and hardware, you can create the functional and beautiful mobile home kitchen of your dreams. Cook meals, wash up, and create memories in a kitchen equipped with a modern sink and faucet for your mobile home, as well as other top-quality chrome features.

Faucets and Accessories

Our beautiful chrome faucets bring a touch of modern elegance to your mobile home kitchen. We offer stylish straight-angled faucets as well as classic rounded to help you create a cohesive, beautiful look for your kitchen. You can also choose between dual- or single-handle faucets and whether you want a side-mount sprayer or not.

The Kitchen Sink 

Your new faucets pair perfectly with a brand-new stainless steel sink. Our double-basin sink creates a beautiful focal point in your kitchen and gives you lots of space for all your washing-up needs. Mobile Home Outfitters also offers a sink drain with a removable basket strainer to help keep big items from clogging up your drains.

Kitchen Ventilation

Cooking creates lots of heat and steam in the kitchen so you need proper ventilation to extract these elements. We carry range hoods, grease filters, exhaust vents, and exhaust vent fans to keep your kitchen well-ventilated.


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