Heating & Cooling


HVAC/Furnace Parts & Accessories for Mobile Homes 

To ensure your mobile home is warm in the winter and cool in the summer, it’s important to invest in the right heating and cooling systems and accessories. Mobile Home Outfitters offers water heaters, vent ducts, furnaces, insulation, de-icing cables, and HVAC parts & accessories designed specifically for mobile homes. These items will ensure that your home is comfortable inside, all year round.

De-Icing Cables

Most mobile homes have flat roofs where snow and ice can accumulate in the winter months. This can lead to roof damage and potential leaking hazards that are best avoided. With de-icing cables for your roof and rain gutters, the snow and ice melts easily and is directed down the gutter so it doesn’t damage your roof. 

HVAC Parts & Accessories

Keeping your home at the perfect temperature year-round comes down to an excellent HVAC system. At Mobile Home Outfitters, we carry ductwork and venting, evaporator coils, furnace accessories, installation components, and heat vent covers to ensure you have all the pieces to help your HVAC run smoothly.

Water Heaters and More

Looking for high-quality, durable water heaters? We offer 30- and 40-gallon water heaters to suit your home’s hot-water needs. We also have water heater accessories like drip pans, vents, and water heater jackets.


Make the Most of Your Heating and Cooling